News 4th June 2017

Thank you to the 5,300+ people who sent a letter to the Council about the future of the Peckham Multi Storey. The Council is consulting on over 70 development sites across the borough. They have extended the time for comments until 7th July 2017. See below if you wish to send a letter. They will be reviewing all the comments between now and September and then finalising the text of the New Southwark Plan (NSP) for publication in the autumn. That will be called the Submission Version. We hope that the Council will decide to delete the plan for 'comprehensive redevelopment' for the Peckham Multi Storey and replace it with a decision to have a public review of the long term option for the building.

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Have your say on the future of the

Peckhamplex Cinema and Multi Storey car park

  • The Council has published for comment in the draft New Southwark Plan (NSP) its decision for the ‘comprehensive redevelopment’ of the site in Moncrieff Street, including the PeckhamPlex Cinema and Multi Storey car park.

  • This would mean the demolition of the building after the end of the temporary leases of Bold Tendencies, Frank’s Café and Peckham Levels.

  • But in 2013, the Government Planning Inspector said the Council should research potential long term uses for the existing building, before taking the final decision. They haven’t done this yet.

  • If you agree that the building has significant potential for long term uses and that these need full examination before the final decision, please let the Council know. You can USE THE LETTER below; please feel free to amend, delete or add to it in your own words.

  • The closing date for your comments has been extended to 7th July 2017. 

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For further background information please visit:

If you have any queries, please email

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